package passes

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Type Members

  1. abstract class Pass extends Common with Assertable with Walker

    Base class for all PENCIL transformation passes.

  2. class PassArgumentStorage extends AnyRef

  3. class PassManager extends AnyRef

    Maintains an ordered sequence of passes.

Value Members

  1. object ConstantPropagation extends Pass

    Perform constant propagation, constant folding, and arithmetic and logic expression simplifications.

  2. object DeadCodeElimination extends Pass

    Remove unreachable (dead) and useless code from PENCIL program.

  3. object FlattenStructs extends Pass

  4. object GCP extends Pass

    Perform global constant propagation.

  5. object IndexExtraction extends Pass

    Array index expression extraction pass.

  6. object Inline extends Pass

    Function inline pass.

  7. object LICM extends Pass

    This class implements basic loop invariant code motion.

  8. object Linearize extends Pass

    Remove unnecessary nested blocks in PENCIL code.